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Hope & Cathy Jean

It’s All In The Mixx” was born when Hope DeLong and Cathy Jean Norman joined forces to bring goodwill and good food to others. We believe the best moments in life are spent around the table with food, friends, and family!Great food holds the power to bring people together. Our products are easy to make so you can slow down, enjoy the moment, and reconnect with your loved ones.

Our goal at “It’s All In The Mixx” is to provide products made from the highest quality, all natural ingredients that support health and wholeness to the market, while maintaining traditional baking results. The taste, texture, and flavor of our products are superior to what other products have on the market today. We hope you will enjoy these favorite foods in a whole new, and wholesome way. 

Nutritional Attributes:  Our products are grain free, sugar free and gluten free. Each product is Keto Certified. These products do not cause bloating and do not have soy, gum, or other additives. They are low glycemic and Non-GMO. Net carbs are three or under per serving.


Explanation of Ingredients and Why We Don’t Use Them

Chicory Root: Chicory Root in exceedingly small doses has many beneficial benefits. However, larger amounts may result in side effects, including the possibility of emmenagogue (increased menstrual flow) and abortifacient actions (leading to miscarriage); it is therefore not recommended for pregnant women. Additionally, if you have allergies to ragweed, marigolds, or daisies, chicory root may cause allergy-type symptoms.

According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, chicory root is generally well tolerated when consumed by mouth. However, some people may experience symptoms including flatulence, belching, abdominal pains, intestinal sounds, and bloating.

People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may have more problems with gas and indigestion when consuming chicory root and it is not recommended for people following a low FODMAP diet to manage their symptoms.

Corn Fiber:  Corn Fiber, also known as Inulin. Side effects may include gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and cramps. For those people who have gastrointestinal issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), supplementing or eating foods with inulin can be problematic.

Tigernut: Tigernuts are a small root vegetable. Root Vegetables are not among the true Keto diet. In small quantities this root vegetable has many benefits. Eating too many tiger nuts at a time can cause abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea or constipation. For people with Crohn’s disease and slower digestive systems, an intestinal blockage may occur. 

Tapioca Starch/Dextrin: A ¼ cup of tapioca starch contains more carbs than a ¼ cup of traditional flour, which isn’t something you want when you’re in ketosis. Many people new to the keto diet ask whether or not tapioca starch is okay for the keto diet. The short answer is no, tapioca isn’t a good option when you’re following a keto diet. It’s high in carbs and low in fats, the exact opposite macronutrient profile that keto followers are looking for. This means that it’s highly glycemic and can quickly kick you out of ketosis.

Cassava Flour: Cassava flour comes from a root vegetable. Cassava root is high in carbohydrates and it's higher than you most likely imagined. For instance, per 100 grams, cassava has double the calories and carbohydrates as sweet potato. And this means it could mean an insulin spike for you if you are diabetic.